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Applications create new insights, quick wins, quality improvements and efficiency gains for the involved stakeholders, by streamlining processes and standardizing data exchange.

Customs Export App

This app accelerates the export confirmation procedure by customs by combining the manifest data from the Statistics App with the arrival of the goods notification.

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Equipment Booking App

This app makes the reservation and operational follow-up of pooled equipment possible.

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Pharma Dashboard

This dashboard creates insight in the quality performance based on the number of non-conformities following the IATA CEIV Pharma Acceptance Checklist.

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Slot Booking App

This app smoothens the process of freight delivery and pick-up at the Ground Handler’s warehouse. Both waiting times and inefficient personnel planning are eliminated.

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Statistics App

This app creates deeper insights in freight volumes and all MAWBs handled within our community!

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Road Feeder Management App

This app makes it possible for Road Feeder Trucks origination from outside BRUcargo to book a flexible slot. Based on an update of the ETA, this slot will be updated progressively.

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Door Management App

This app is an in-house app for the ground handler to align resources (e.g.: gates) and capacity planning with the slots which are reserved via Slot Booking App.

Traffic Guidance App

This app will use the data collected via automatic license plate recognition in specific areas of BRUcargo. Based on the licence plate linked to a slot reservation, automatic notifications can be sent when a truck arrives at BRUcargo, access the parking area etc.

Acceptance&Delivery App FWDR

This app makes it possible for the driver of the Forwarder to get immediate access to all information linked to a slot which was assigned to him. Via the app he can register the necessary timestamps (slot start/end time) and register damage or shartages when handing over the freight.

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Freight Management App

The Freight Management App closely cooperates with the Slot Booking App in smoothening the landside processes. This app based on Blockchain technology, eliminates the paper-based delivery receipt process and creates a digital right to pick-up freight.

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Central Drivers Database

This app makes it possible to have a central registration procedure in place for all drivers active at BRUcargo. This driver information can be linked to slot reservations.

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Regulator App

An application can unlock data towards regulatory partners to smoothen processes and make paper-less possible (e.g.: customs export app).

Acceptance&Delivery App GHA

This app makes it possible for the operator at the warehouse of the ground handling agent to get immediate access to all information linked to a slot which was assigned to the gate where he is operationally working. In combination with the Acceptance&Delivery App FWDR this makes it possible to have a digital agreement about the delivery and acceptance of freight between forwarders an ground handling agents.

Perishable Management App

The Perishable Management App provides a centralized and digitalized flow for inspections by authorities, which smoothens and speeds up the collaboration between the operators and FASFC for perishable import shipments.

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Digital Desk App

The Digital Desk App is a 'front desk' solution at the ground handling agent's site, facilitating truck drivers to automatically register and activate or book a slot.

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Check-it is a vesatile tool, consisting of a mobile application and corresponding webplatform, that empowers ground handlers, freight forwarders, airlines and other logistics service providers to easily capture and share relevant data in their processes, so they can improve the quality of their processes, ensure compliance with stakeholder and IATA standards, and eliminate time consuming and costly administration.

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