Customs Export App

This app accelerates the export confirmation procedure by customs by combining the manifest data from the Statistics App with the arrival of the goods notification.


The app combines manifest data, which has been made available in the BRUcloud since 2016 (via the Statistics App), with newly added data from the forwarders (the “arrival of the goods” notification). The app matches the collected data at MAWB level and reports a complete set of information (which could not be reported by the forwarder himself) automatically to customs. Forwarders who opt to connect to the Customs Export App can drastically improve their efficiency by avoiding having to wait in lines at the Customs offices for the stamping of MAWBs  and having to collect alternative evidence manually, thus eliminating paper-based procedures and the resulting errors. Moreover, the Customs authorities give clearance priority to forwarders’ shipments handled via the Customs Export App.


  • Launched Q2 2017


  • Accelerate export process
  • Less waiting times at customs’ offices
  • Less paper-based procedures
  • Priority clearance

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