Digital Desk App

The Digital Desk App is a 'front desk' solution at the ground handling agent's site, facilitating truck drivers to automatically register and activate or book a slot.


Serving as a digital solution for the manually operated front desk, the digital desk app will be an operating system for the ground handling agent (GHA) to facilitate the registration of freight forwarders (FWDRs) or truck drivers.

The main goal of this application is to register every pick-up and delivery at the GHAs in an efficient and easy to use way. The digital desk app will enable the push towards 100% slot booking registration by providing additional insights in all non-Slotbooking users, allowing them to reserve a “front desk” slot. Furthermore, the digital desk app will support the registration of high priority freight and road feeder service, extending the slot booking app registration possibilities. This will improve efficiency by reducing the workload at the front desk for the GHA’s personnel, which simultaneously reduces the waiting time for the truck drivers.

On top, the digital desk app facilitates paperless pick-up and delivery and further enables more insight in digital rights that are (to be) linked to slots, beneficial for both the GHA and the operational team of the FWDR and international truck drivers.


  • Go live June 2021


  • Reduced waiting time for the FWDR at the front desk
  • Reduced workload for the GHA at the front desk
  • Insights in booking and freight details for FWDR
  • Increased planning efficiency through 100% slot registration for GHA
  • Facilitation of paperless pick-up and delivery

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