Equipment Booking App

This app makes the reservation and operational follow-up of pooled equipment possible.


This application is originally developed to make the booking of the Airside Pharma Dollies possible. This is the first pooled ground handling equipment at Brussels Airport. Both bookings and maintenance are handled centrally. To overcome mismatches in supply and demand and inefficiencies in communication and planning, the Equipment Booking App was developed. The app is created in such a way, it can also be used for other equipment types in the future.



  • Launched Q4 2017


  • Better equipment capacity utilization
  • Smooth communication between different involved parties
  • Removing peak demands
  • Removing idle times
  • Transparency

Equipment Booking App

The Equipment Booking App makes it possible for the Booker (airline or forwarder) to request a single or recurrent use of the APT. The app gives a confirmation of your request or proposes an alternative.

On the other hand the Supplier (airport operator or party in charge of daily management of the equipment) can manage the availability of the via the web-application or a system-to-system link with its intern slot management system. They can manage the bookings and bookers’ profiles.

The Operational Party (ground handler) can follow-up the bookings that are assigned to him via his own log-in information.

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