Statistics App

This app creates deeper insights in freight volumes and all MAWBs handled within our community!


This application helps you to get insight in the following questions:

  • From where the freight handled at your airport comes from?
  • How much of the local freight gets trucked away to other surrounding airports?
  • Do we see a growth in the volumes of a specific commodity?

Based on the Statistics App, all Master Airway Bills (MAWBs)  handled at BRUcargo are known. This information can easily be re-used in other applications.


The Statistics App collects all cargo manifest data, which creates insights on MAWB level in freight volumes, route (airport of loading/discharge and MAWB origin/destination), IATA flight type (Freighter, Pax…) and special handling code. Based on the above information, different reports can be defined.

This application formed the basis for the development of the Customs Export App. This is a showcase of how existing data from one app can easily be re-used in another one!


  • Launched Q1 2016


  • Insight in freight volumes
  • All MAWBs handled at BRUcargo
  • Reuse of data in other apps

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