Inspection Management

Efficient documentary and physical checks and paperless way for imported perishable freight



The Perishable Management App provides a centralized and digitalized flow for inspections by authorities, which smoothens and speeds up the collaboration between the operators and FASFC for perishable import shipments.

Inspection management key offerings:

  • Shipments overview
  • Automatic integration with Traces NT
  • Documentary and physical checks execution



What value does it offer

As an operator: 

  • Enables to create a shipment
  • Link all information and documents that the FASFC needs for their inspections digitally to this shipment.
  • Offers complete transparency as the operator can follow the entire process at any moment in the chain.
  • The results of the inspections (both documentary and physically on location) are made available in real time with the ability to see comments and pictures posted by the inspector. 

As public agency:

  • Optimize their workorder planning according to the input of the operators
  • Tool is used to perform both documentary and physical checks in a digital manner, through the webapp or the mobile application. 
  • While using the mobile application, the inspector can see comments attached to the inspection 
  • Add pictures and comments about the inspection (e.g. why a shipment is put on hold) in real time. 

Milestones of Inspection Management

  • 2019 Q4: Go-live PMA pilot
    • Our first application that effors collaboration with the FASFC
  • 2021 Q2: Major Pershibale Management App update
    • The BRUcloud Perishable Management Application is now link with the European TRACES NT system
  • 2021 Q4: Update PMA 2.0
    • Scale-up to 100% user adoption 
  • 2023 Q1: Update PMA 3.0
    • PMA checks imbedded in the application
    • 100% digital inspections
  • What's next?
    • Inspections insights & analytics dashboard
    • Inspection point operator view
    • Extension of PMA to Inspection Management App to included animal products & live animals inspection
    • Want to learn more? Contact us.


  • 2019 Q4: Go-live PMA pilot
  • 2021 Q4:100% user adoption
  • 2023 Q1: 100% digital perishables inspection


  • Shorter lead time for (perishables) inspections
  • Performance monitoring & improvement
  • Streamlining the necessary certificates by providing transparency in the inspection flow
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