BRUcargo As Global Digitisation Innovator

BRUcargo As Global Digitisation Innovator

17 Jul 2020 | General

Nowadays, digitisation is no longer an option. It is a must. Exceptional times like these once again prove that digitisation brings many benefits. Without digitisation, many companies wouldn't be able to continue their normal daily workflow. It thus makes a big difference, but this is something we already realized some years ago at BRUcargo.

Why take the lead in digitisation?

Surrounded by other airports such as Amsterdam, London Heathrow or Frankfurt, it is hard for Brussels Airport to become the largest. To stand out against the competition, our airport can do something else: become the most innovative airport. And this is where digitisation plays an important role.

Together with Brussels Airport Company, Air Cargo Belgian shares the vision to be a digital pioneer. In terms of digitisation, there is our datasharing platform, BRUcloud, offering an impressive amount of 12 applications (and more to come) that is used by more than 50 companies. Besides the BRUcloud applications, Air Cargo is also working together with different BRUcargo stakeholders on projects regarding Physical Internet, Extended Reality and, hopefully very soon, Artificial Intelligence.

It is by working on such projects in the present and the past, that BRUcargo has achieved a competitive advantage towards other large airports and is positioned as a real digital innovator.

Airports all around the world are looking to Brussels Airport. They are observing how we work on digitisation and want to copy our way of working. Therefore, it is important that the BRUcargo community keeps focussing on these topics and that  we never stop thinking about ideas and innovations regarding digitisation. That is how Brussels will keep its digital competitive advantage. If not, we risk that other airports will surpass us.

Do you have interesting digisation ideas that can be beneficial for the entire BRUcargo community or want to join the Air Cargo Belgium digitisation steering group? Contact

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