3rd go live wave of BRUcloud’s Slot Booking App brings the total number of users up to 22!

3rd go live wave of BRUcloud’s Slot Booking App brings the total number of users up to 22!

04 Jul 2018 | General

BRUcloud, the cloud based data sharing platform at the cargo community of Brussels Airport went live with its “Slot Booking App” with 7 companies on the 15th of January 2018. By the end of March 8 other companies joined. On June 26th, the number of companies using the app in their live operations went up to 22! The “Slot Booking App” eliminates one of the most compelling problems, the waiting and idle times at the facilities of the ground handlers.


The Slot Booking App coordinates the match between supply and demand of time slots, streamlines the pick-up and delivery of freight at the ground handlers and leads to a better capacity utilization and elimination of peaks and idle-times.


The Slot Booking Application is made available to the stakeholders at BRUcargo via the open data sharing platform BRUcloud. Recently we announced the kick-off of the development of another BRUcloud app, Freight Management App 1.0. This new application using blockchain technology is a next step in the “Landsite Management tool”. This new app will closely cooperate with already existing apps, such as the Slot Booking App. The focus of this next phase is making the import process paperless, more efficient and transparent. It fully contributes to the Brussels Airport strategic objective to have a digitalised logistical flow in place supported by a combination of applications offered via the BRUcloud platform.


The development of the Slot Booking App was made possible thanks to Brussels Airport, the involvement of the BRUcargo stakeholders and Air Cargo Belgium and the Province of Flemish Brabant, with their support for innovative projects and developments.

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